1. Ring In Tone Service Overview

The Ring In Tone service enables subscribers to customize music or greetings according to personal preference for the calling subscriber.

Ring In Tones make calls more enjoyable.

Different Ring In Tones bring different good feelings to calling parties and reflect your unique taste and character, which adds fun to ordinary calls.

1.1 Service Usage

You can set unique Ring In Tones for different calling numbers.

You can also create calling groups and then set different Ring In Tones for them. (You can set up to 20 calling groups.)

If you do not set any personal Ring In Tone for calling numbers, all the calling parties will hear the same Ring In Tone.

1.2 Ring In Tones Customization and Change

» Customizing or changing Ring In Tones through IVR

You can call 387 to download and set Ring In Tones. The setting and change of Ring In Tones take effect immediately.

» Customizing or changing Ring In Tones through website

On the Ring In Tones website, you can download and set Ring In Tones, create calling groups, set Ring In Tones for the calling groups, and so on. There are abundant frequently-updated Ring In Tones on the website for you to choose.

1.3 Service Charge

Activation of RingIN tone service is free of charge.
Postpaid customers would be charged a monthly rental of Rs. 50/- for the service.
Prepaid customers would be charged a daily rental of Rs.1.70/- for the service.

Any call made to 387 is charged Rs. 2 per minute.

Songs are charged on an individual basis.

» Premium content: Rs.30, valid for 30days

» Non-premium content: Rs.20, valid for 30days.

Applicable taxes to be added.